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Vindictive, promiscuous, lazy, welfare queens, irresponsible, jealous, bitter. We’ve all heard these portrayals used to describe single mothers. Simply put, this is false. Tired of the negative stigma often attached to single motherhood, MomsWhoRock was launched by Cherisa Williams in 2017 to challenge these damaging stereotypes, one mom at a time. Single moms are not cautionary tales responsible for the troubles of society. What we are is strong and resilient. We defy stereotypes, we overcome obstacles, and we follow our dreams. This is MomsWhoRock.

Whether a mother has become a “Single Mom” by circumstance or by choice, MomsWhoRock would like to be the website of choice to support the millions of single mothers who are driven to change their life for the better and wish to provide a healthy happy home for their children.

MomsWhoRock was formed to specifically assist single mothers. We feel deeply that single mothers need additional support, resources and tools to help them through tough times.

The objective of MomsWhoRock is to provide a comfortable, stable, supportive information environment focused on single mothers and issues that affect them and their children; to help them through this transition in their lives, providing them with guidance, emotional support and ultimately a means for them to become self-sufficient and reliant for the benefit of themselves and their children.

MomsWhoRock is a valuable internet resource tool to help single mothers educate themselves of what it takes as a single mother to navigate through daily life; assisting them with their basic and more challenging needs. We have large number of pages with useful resources. Topics of interest include: Parenting, Child Support, Career Development, Health and Well Being, Finance and Housing, and Government Grants available. Our MomsWhoRock forum is another resource for single mothers to connect to other single mothers, giving each other support or validation of their issues and just letting each other know that they are not alone!

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